New Criminal Tactics

Bitcoin, hard to detect identity

Anonymous Identity
Digitized Money
Global- cross border transaction

No need to use “third parties” institution to move cash

P2P – Criminal 2 Criminal transfers
No Financial institute to close accounts

Cryptocurrencies – easy for remote transfer

Immediate transaction to new anonymous wallets
Remote transaction -no borders

How Big.?

72 billion USD

in annual volume of illegal trade using Bitcoin

25 million USD

worth of bitcoin in a recent US case study


Bitcoin Transaction deemed illegal

Tactic – hard to breach

The crypto forensic challenge

Operational Solution

CryptoZorro enables law enforcements to unlock, confiscate and analyze crypto assets.

1. On field/In office use of police crew
2. Unlock Crypto wallet and instantly confiscate Virtual Coins
3. Extract personal data and analyze connections
4. Manage incoming transaction and immediately confiscate

Solution Highlights

Fast, Automatic, Easy to use

CryptoZorro Advantages

One device to unlock, control and manage illicit crypto capital

Technology Platform

CryptoZorro enables law enforcement agencies to seize illicit crypto wealth and gather a wide range of information on offending crypto wallets by fusing blockchain analytics with our powerful cloud infrastructure.

System Benefits


CryptoZorro – Breaking the Crypto Crime Circle

Our Value Proposition

Minimize time to evidence

Maximize IT resources

Generate New leads on anonymous identity

Virtual Crypto – Strategic Partner

Virtual-Crypto’s products enable immediate, secure and easy to use currency trade platform.

Virtual Crypto is a public company with a wholly owned subsidiary technology company based in Israel that has developed Crypto-Fiat trade solutions for business and consumers through ATM’s, PC’s and POS that are utilized with a proprietary algorithmic and artificial intelligence technologies.

Minimize time to evidence

Maximize IT resources

Generate New leads on anonymous identity